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How can I edit a photo so it ends up looking likje a sketch? Example:

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You don't mention any particular software, but if you want to do this manually it is a similar process in Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp or Inkscape:

  • Open or paste your image in a new document
  • Lower the opacity of this first background layer so you can work on top of it. You can also convert this layer to black & white so it's easier to tell the difference in shading.
  • Create a new layer above it
  • Using brushes or vector shapes, re-draw the lines in the new layer following the darker areas.
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Open it as a background in Artrage and trace away.

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You can try a pile of different filters...find edges, posterization, adjust levels. But typically it's best/easiest to do just what Michael suggests...trace it.

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