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Im looking for tutorials about designing characters/mascots with illustrator in a specific style viewable below. I liked this design style but the actual original tutorial page is no longer online (links to don't work).

enter image description here

Image Viewable here

I have searched in google for 'icon character design' but couldn't find anything similar. Is this type of design called something specific or does anyone know a good tutorial for this type of design? It is the icon character that I am specifically intrested in.


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You can see that original tutorial by using to go back in time, for example… – user568458 Jun 10 '13 at 12:10
Thanks user568458 you helped me alot! – AlbaClan Jun 10 '13 at 12:43
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I think your asking two questions here, one being how to design an icon and the other, how to come up with an idea for it. If you're looking to make a simplified version of something, try drawing some animals (or other things) with basic shapes or making them more cartoon-styled. Here's a link to get you started:

You can also look up some great tutorials and tips like for getting the feel of icon design.

The last part is putting it all together in Illustrator or your chosen design program. As far as that goes, I would forgo a tutorial and experiment, since you want YOUR design, not one belonging to someone else.

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