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I prefer to work with the web, so it's been forever since I've worked with a printer. Just received this message back regarding a doc utilizing white ink. How can I accomplish this in Adobe Illustrator? (The doc is already assigned CMYK.)

What we need are print ready PDFs with the white ink designated as a Spot Color titled "White."

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Double-click the "White" swatch in the Swatches Panel inside Illustrator.

Change the top dropdown menu to Spot Color:

swatch options

Click Okay.

Now select all the white elements in your piece and ensure they are using that swatch for the stroke/fill color.

Note, simply adjusting the Swatch options isn't enough. You'll have to manually reset all the objects using White to this swatch.

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Got it, thank you! – AMC Jun 26 '13 at 22:09

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