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I am designing an app about collecting movie posters (original ones combined with some funny/creative factors).

Since there are different kinds of movies (horror, romantic, action, etc.), I need to find a unifying graphic style for them.

My target user group is mostly male European/US movie goers aged 16-40.

Any ideas?

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"Most attractive" is a pretty hard question to answer, but if you want to emulate a range of styles in a movie poster, you're in luck because movie posters tend to follow a range of clichés.

FontShop has a blog called the FontFeed, and they have a large archive of posts where they review movie posters. Read ten of 'em in succession and you'll start to see patterns, particularly in typography. There is a lot of discussion about fonts which is important to emulating whatever style you choose to emulate. (You'll see lots of Trajan in here!)

This site will be a bit quicker to scan and will give you some great overall trends in color and composition as well as how they tend to relate to movie themes.

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Thanks for your answer, these two sites are very helpful! – andreazx Jul 6 '13 at 10:05

iTunes has a similar feature that sums up genres nicely:

enter image description here

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