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I have an image: must be trimmed

I need this image for a webpage background. As you see, it has lots of useless pixels around the blurred element which could be replaced with CSS.

The image given to me is JPG, I have no access to layers.

Is there a way to trim by color instead of transparent pixels?

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Photoshop gives you the option to trim an image based on the top left pixel or the bottom right pixel.

  1. Open the image in Photoshop
  2. Select Image > Trim... from the menu
  3. Choos either top left or bottom right options and click 'OK':

Trim dialogue box in Photoshop CS6

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Woah, can't believe I missed that one. Thanks! – joltmode Jul 2 '13 at 13:10

You can make a selection based on the background color: select/color range...

after you have done that you can either simply delete the background or create an image mask (gives you more edit options).

Save as a PNG with transparency and set the background of your web site to the same as the original background color.

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