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I am very familiar with template creation for Coreldraw but I have never done this before in Illustrator nor did I see the question from a search. How do you properly create a template and where should you place it to work well in Illustrator with the command ShiftCtrlN? If I save the file as an .ait will it save it in the default location?

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If you click the Templates button located in the bottom left corner of the New Dialog window, you can see the location of the existing templates.

template button

Simply save your Illustrator files as .ait to that same location. Then clicking the Templates button will open that folder.

You can also always simply double-click any .ait file to open a new document based upon that template.

As for properly creating a template... essentially you can create any Illustrator file with any set up you desire and simply save it as a .ait file. There are no restrictions for template creating. The only thing I'd caution against is using linked files within the template.

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