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I was curious to know if there is a way to or a script available within InDesign (any solution alternative is preferred) that I can batch check spelling and grammatical errors with either .indd or .pdf files. Some areas I would like to check are:

  • Case errors: aNd
  • Case structure: AND should be and
  • spelling: Bannana

If it could even be done I would like the script or process to correct the issue or document it to a file in .pdf format. Is there a way to batch process a spelling and grammar check for .indd or .pdf files?

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Camel case may be possible, but case structure could never happen. How would Indesign (or a script) know when all caps was incorrect or intentional? – SOIA Jul 19 '13 at 18:41
Well you could assign what to look for, but that gets into some severe coding involved. I was looking for something to possibly expand upon. – Darth_Vader Jul 19 '13 at 19:13

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I won't comment on the validity of the queries you're running (how specific/abstract you'll need to make the search/replace strings will be context dependent), but the GREP Query Manager script should allow you to easily set up a chain of queries. You can then pull all the .indd files together as a book (.indb file), and run the search/replace script chain on that.

If you're not too hot on GREP and want good guide, GREP in InDesign is really useful (the guy who wrote it wrote the GREP Query Manager script as well), and was just updated this June.

EDIT: Regarding outputting recorded changes to a file, that I can't comment on. A script that outputs a .pdf seems somewhat pie-in-the-sky. There's Radish for version control (it's up at Google code) if that's any help.

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