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Photoshop CS5 comes with a feature called Puppet Warp.

I find it specially useful for a certain animation I'm making. Normally, I duplicate the layer, use puppet warp, done. Then duplicate again, and so on...

This is a bit frustrating because I have to re-create the pins for every frame (and you can't undo when you move a pin modifying the mesh, I think).

That's a shame, because this tool is great for my project.

I wonder if there is any other software specialized in puppet warp animation? Or, is there a way to not have to re-create the pins for every frame in Photoshop CS5?

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If you have After Effects, you can use the puppet tool to create your animation.

Here's Adobe's help page on it:

I have not used it much, but I followed this tutorial when I played around with it a while ago:

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The way to avoid having to re-create the pins each time is by using a smart object, as explained in this Adobe tutorial.

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The best character animating software that comes to mind is Toonboom Animate Pro. It is similar to Flash (vector based), but designed specifically for animating and rigging characters.

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use puppet wrap on a smart object and the pins will remain available

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I don't believe that you can change puppet-warp pin positions per each frame of an animation. If I'm mistaken, could you provide an example? – Alex Blackwood Dec 15 '13 at 20:05

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