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Those vector shapes have the same stroke configuration, and on the pointy end there's only 1node.

So why this happens?

enter image description here

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The Miter Limit for the corner.

The Stroke Panel has a field to adjust the miter limit titled "Limit". If the angle of the corner falls below the limit, the corner is butted rather than mitered.

miter 1

If you increase the miter limit, you'll see more miters appear.

miter 2

I'm not 100% certain what the number actually relates to (what unit). I think it's degrees of angle. So, an angle of less degrees than the Limit does not get mitered (it may be 'more than' however). I really haven't tested it thoroughly enough to understand the direction of change. I merely know to change the Limit field if I'm not getting miters when I want them. A minute change of .5° in the angle can be the difference between a mitered joint and a butted joint.

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What is happening is that the angle of this point is creating too large of a cap for illustrator to display properly. You must either widen that angle or consider using a rounded point.

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