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Why doesn't the gradient tool appear over the object I've applied it to in Illustrator CS6? I have to click and hold down to adjust the size of the gradient on an object or just use the gradient window. But now I am unable to edit the perimeters of a radial gradient like I use to do in CS5. In CS5 the bar would stay visible over the object until you clicked out of the gradient tool. Is my software bugged or is this simply a disappointing new feature in CS6?

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WHat's the nature of the object? Compound Shape? Raster image? Group? Clipping Mask? – Scott Jul 26 '13 at 15:24
You should be a mind reader by now Scott – Darth_Vader Oct 24 '13 at 15:02
Just FYI I've got the exact same problem going on and I just got Illustrator a few weeks ago so I know that I have the current one. It is very frustrating. – user16416 Nov 7 '13 at 5:17

Kind of late but hope my answer can be of help.

So the control that you are looking for is called the "Gradient annotator" can might be switched off accidentally by pressing the shortcut "cmd + opt + G" for mac. Not so sure about Windows.

To reactivate it simply press the shortcut again or go to View > Show Gradient Annotator and you should have the gradient controls back on.

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Or press Alt+Ctrl+G (for Windows) – user47971 Aug 6 '15 at 14:16

They haven't removed this feature. Make sure that you have the object selected, a radial gradient has already been applied, and you have the gradient tool currently being used.

Gradient Tool

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Thanks for your help Adam. My software must be bugged. I've done all that. The tool in the picture example you have shown above that appears over the objet, straight up, does not appear. Like I said, when I click and drag I can adjust the size of the gradient but as soon I release the mouse button the tool (the bar with swatch tabs and the perimeter ring) disappear. And I have no way of adjusting the hight or width of the perimeter and am only able to adjust the color swatches using the gradient window. – Logan Walden Jul 26 '13 at 15:27
Might be worth a reinstall depending on how important that feature is to you. – Adam Schuld Jul 26 '13 at 15:33

All good answers (I'm working in CS 5.5) I've had this problem and also noticed that even though groups and compound paths may cause issues with gradients, they do not make gradients impossible. Sometimes you have to Ungroup, Release Compound Path (Object/Compound Path/...), then re-make the compound path (if there was one to begin with) and re-Group. Usually this will fix the problem for me.

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I've run into this bug for years. It's most definitely not cause by groupings or compound paths, as I've used the gradient tool within them plenty of times. Sometimes simply restarting illustrator will bring the tool back, but not always. I've never found a consistent method for fixing this outside of just remaking the object and re-applying the gradient.

It seems to happen most often when I'm running low on memory.

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didnt see a response for windows version but it is ctrl+alt+g to turn back on

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Is my software bugged or is this simply a disappointing new feature in CS6?

This is not a bug. Check that your shape isn't a Compound path or grouped.

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