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Are there are any web design forums where designers can submit their work to receive feedback and advice? I am looking for a place that I can seek advice on how to improve my designs.

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The subreddit's not bad for critique, but you have to take it with a grain of salt. There are definitely professionals that like to pitch in, but it seems like you'll have two or three professional (appearing) feedback responses, for every five or six students, amateurs, or print designer's who will pitch in on a web design critique, because the subreddit's meant for all mediums. That said, it's still never bad to receive any extra feedback and judge with your own knowledge and experience. Any comments that are from real ammateurs, nonprofessionals, or nonweb designers generally stick out.

There's also a web design subreddit that probably has a cleaner demographic, but you might be told to move your post over to the design critique category.

As far as other sources, I'd be interested in finding out. There are graphic design forums all over the place, but as with many things, large user content generated sites are taking over, so I haven't found any as active as reddit.

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You could also try Behance. It is a free board you can post your portfolio and search for inspiration. Ask for input when you post your images.

Another option is DeviantArt. Post up some work there and you can get an all around type review structure.

A good idea would be to also go to a forum. There are some links below:

  1. estetica-design-forum
  2. digitalpoint
  3. graphicdesignforum
  4. ucreative
  5. designforums
  6. designerstalk
  7. webdesignforums
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Hunie and Dribbble are two fantastic communities for feedback and critique--however, they're both invite only and can be difficult to get into if you are a new designer.

As suggested above, Behance and DeviantArt are also good communities, though their size makes it a bit hard to "break through" and get solid feedback. That being said, they are public and anyone can register.

For web design, a service I've used in the past is called Five Second Test, though this is largely about user testing and not so much about design critique.

Another good service, totally forgot about it, is conceptfeedback and I would suggest giving it a shot.

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Thank you. I know about these communities, but they require high level skills and are used merely for self-advertising. What I need is feedback, which will help me to improve my skills and level. –  640miles Jul 30 '13 at 16:21
@640miles if you are active in these communities, you will receive great feedback and learn from some of the best graphic designers in the world. It's the best way to get multiple perspectives on your work. If you want tailored criticism, you could always search locally for portfolio reviews. –  Adam Schuld Jul 30 '13 at 16:40

You could also try with Forrst (now closed) . It's a closed community, so you first have to upload some critiques for other designs, and the current member vote to send you an invite. The quality of the feedback is excellent.

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Or you can use TrackDuck Visual Feedback tool. It has an option to collect anonymous feedback. All you have to do is to provide a link. People would be able to mark particular areas of your website and leave comments.

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