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I'm looking for sources of inspiration for the graphical design of a web application.

The application is used to display historical information on industrial processes. In the back end there is a time-series database and a data warehouse.

The users of the application will configure pages with various information displays of data, for instance:

  • Dashboard-style displays, with selected KPIs, as numbers and visualized
  • Visualizations like line and bar plots
  • Tables containing numbers
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I've worked on a similar product and found some useful resources:

Good theory and examples at Noah Illinsky is a great authority on data visualisation

Nice article:

– Books

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The best example I've seen recently is Geckoboard. I think they handled the design of BI dashboards very well.

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great site thanks! – Matt Rockwell May 11 '11 at 12:12

One site that has a lot of screenshots for inspiration would be Enterprise Dashboards. Another (which I'm more familiar with) is Jira, which is very powerful on customization. You can get almost anything you want on your dashboard and no configuration needed!

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