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I'm trying to achieve something like this image in Photoshop CS6:

sphere text

However I only need two large letters inside. The goal is to have the letters in a standard "squared" font (Arial Black) follow the contour of the sphere and split evenly at 90 degrees in the middle. I've tried liquify and spherize filters with no luck, as well as the text warp tool.

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possible duplicate of What is the best way to make text fit inside a circular shape? – Scott Aug 6 '13 at 21:43

If Scott's comment isn't what you are looking for and you want it to closer follow the contours of a sphere, you can use the 3D rendering within Photoshop:


  1. Create your text layer
  2. 3DNew Shape From LayerSphere
  3. Rotate/Adjust the render settings as necessary (make sure you have the 3D window open)
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