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I'm editing an svg in Inkscape and I have an object on top of another object. I'd like to use the shape of the top object to cut the object beneath it.

For those who are familiar with GIMP, I'm trying to do something like the "alpha to selection" tool.

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Select both (by clicking one object, holding shift, then clicking the other object), then select Path, then Difference.

For me, I wanted to cut a left arrow out of a hexagon. I created a hexagon, duplicated the layer, shifted the top layer to the right, then selected both layers, then PATH / Difference.

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Adding to this: I wanted to cut out text, so first I had to select the text, Path > Object To Path, then select again and Object > Ungroup, then select each letter and the background individually - you can only ever do this with two objects at a time. – BFWebAdmin Aug 11 '15 at 11:28


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If you are trying to subtract a thick line (stroke) from a shape you will have to choose PATH >> STROKE TO PATH first. – Adripants Feb 4 '14 at 23:46

Select Both and Do:

Object --> Clip --> Set

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