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Maybe I've just completely missed the option, but how in the world do you crop and resize an image simultaneously in PS CS6? In CS5 and prior, when using the crop tool, I could set dimensions for the crop, resize the crop area to my liking, and cropping would resize the image - not just change the aspect ratio while maintaining the original image size.

I know that I can go down to "Size & Resolution..." in the dropdown on the left side of the crop toolbar, but that seems more than a little kludgy when previous versions could do it without any fancy footwork.

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Maybe this will help:

I crop at 13" x 18", and when I put that (exactly as it is) in to the crop tool, it would crop to an aspect ratio of that size but the image would not be 13 inches x 18 inches.

I finally figured out that I needed to put 13in x 18in into the crop tool and it worked, it needed to know that it was inches. Hope this helps.

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That was it! THANK YOU!! –  ClairelyClaire Aug 13 '13 at 0:18
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