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I have repetitive actions I need to perform on images that are all consistent. For example I have 100 images with size 100 X 100

What I need to do on each one:
1. scale to 75 x 75
2. export as png ( with the same name )
3. close the original without saving

thanks !

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Gimp doesn't have actions on its own, but there are two very popular plugins or scripts you can use:

Resizing using Bimp (Batch Image Manipulation Plugin)



  • Open BIMP from the File menu
  • Add all the image files that you want to manipulate
  • Choose Resize from the list of available effects and tools
  • Apply

Resizing using DBP



  • From the Filters menu in the main Gimp window (or Xtns in earlier versions), select Batch Process... to bring up the DBP window.
  • In the Input page, Add your files and click Open
  • In Processing, select Resize
  • Choose PNG as Output

This question in Superuser has some other options as well.

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