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I have a simple b/w logo in illustrator, and want to save this for web use. I am new to web, just savvy in print :(... what is the easiest way to save this file with a transparent background so that it can be placed on various backgrounds? Thank you.

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don't know why someone downvoted this, i'm a programmer who hates and knows nothing about graphics stuff. this answer was great. –  georgiecasey Mar 8 at 1:17
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2 Answers

File > Save For Web...

Choose PNG24 for the format and click OK.

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Simple question, simple answer. Must've been a long time since you last popped up in 'Low Quality Posts', Scott! :) –  Bakabaka Sep 2 '13 at 9:32
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Export it as .png file.File->Export, save as type--> .png, untick Use Artboad if you don't want whole art board to be exported.

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