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I'm trying to create tiles with a cloud embossing.

I generated the tiling clouds with filter > render > clouds , and then applied filter > distort > emboss.

But the modified clouds don’t repeat properly anymore, as you can see I have transparent pixel vertically and some shift horizontally.

How can-I control this aspect of the emboss filter, or how can I get the same result without this pixel shift?

enter image description here

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The edge of the emboss filter is not wrapping around the edge of your tile.

To get around this, tile your image into a much larger image by repeating the image (eg 3x3 tiles), run the emboss on the whole thing, and then crop back to the one centre tile again (not an edge tile).

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Thanks, perfect answer. Note: I use this script to export the right tile without cropping. – rooofl Sep 7 '13 at 14:01

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