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I've read a few tutorials but I'm still new to Illustrator. Currently, I am trying to work with a sketch that I am trying to position on the artboard. If I were to resize the entire shape the sketch is drawn on to within the bounds of the artboard, however, the sketch would be too small. How can I crop or otherwise keep the sketch the same size as it is in the image below, while keeping the shape it is on within the artboard?

enter image description here

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You can not crop raster images in Illustrator. At least not with the standard Adobe installation.

You can utilize clipping masks if that helps.

  • Draw a rectangle above the raster image.
  • Select both the rectangle and the image
  • choose Object > Clipping Mask > Make.

This will hide a portion of the raster image but will not remove it.

If you need the raster image cropped, standard procedure is to crop the raster image in a raster editing application, such as Photoshop, before placing or importing the image into Illustrator.

There is a third party plug in titled Rasterino from which will crop raster images from within Illustrator.

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