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I have complex symbol, which can (imaginary) exist in different states.

For example, in treeview control node can be either expanded or collapsed, which means different indication.

I want to have one symbol/prototype, but multiple instances of it in different states.

Is it possible in Illustrator?


Rephrasing the question: are all instances of the symbol obliged to be identical to it's prototype in Illustrator?

This is not true in programming: a class instance can differ from prototype by field values. For example, different instances of a vector can have different coordinates.

So, for example, can I have a symbol for tree view indicator, which can be in two states, expanded and collapsed, like here

enter image description here

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Welcome to GD.SE! Your question is pretty unclear, do you think you could attach a screenshot of what you're trying to do? – Brendan Sep 11 '13 at 18:09

No it's not possible.

With the discontinuation of Fireworks by Adobe, there is now no Adobe product which offers "states" for objects/layers/elements. Illustrator has never had the ability to apply states to objects. I, for one, wish it did.

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