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With marquee tool selection, I can go to Edit -> Stroke to render outline style. If I wanna do the same with vector shape tool, Stroke option is disabled and by default it fills the whole selection. Is there a way I can use Stroke with vector shape tool?

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Preventing your shape from being filled

To prevent a shape from being filled, you can enable Paths mode in the top toolbar (you probably have Shape layer mode enabled).

paths mode

Applying a stroke to a path

You can apply a brush stroke to a path from the Paths panel, it's the button with the unfilled solid circle icon:

paths panel

This will draw the stroke with the current Brush Tool settings on the currently selected layer.

An alternative method is to right click on the path and select Stroke Path...

stroke path

This will give you a few alternatives to stroke it with something other than a brush:

stroke options

Further reading: Stroke paths with color

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