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Our team has been struggling to figure why a shadow/light is rendered with high quality and something rendered in low quality (pixalite).

Example of good light map (shadow of sofa on the wall and floor)

High quality shadow of sofa

Example of bad light map (shadow on ceiling is completely pixalite)

Low quality shadow

We are using a 3D party plugin (flare3d exporter) which accepts only texture quality parameters in the farm of min and max values. I guess this is is using for auto-mapping parameters. 32 - 1024 is the default values. If we put the default, most of the lighting comes bad if we give max 1024-1024 range not only the rendering time is longer but the model size also increases.

We were not sure how many lights maps m3ds max will create and what is its consideration for determining the quality (32px x 32px - 1024px x 1024px) of light map

After lot of trail & errors we came to a wage opinion that the number of light maps and its dimensions are equal to the numbre of uv maps. But again we are not sure which one would create a low quality light map and for which one it creates a high quality texture.

Can some one help me understand how it works?

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