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I'm watching a tutorial in which the instructor is cycling through blend modes for a pattern overlay and the shape layer instantly updates with whichever blend mode he has selected. I have read that this might only be possible on a PC and not a Mac - can anyone confirm whether that is true, and if not, the necessary shortcut for it to be possible on a Mac? (and a PC, to make the question more universally helpful :))

Thank you.

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On a PC at least, shift with the +/- keys work fine. You just need to have the main viewport active (don't click the layer in the layers panel). Also another tip: alt + shift + n/m/s etc. lets you set as normal/multiply/screen without cycling through... –  John Sep 25 '13 at 13:41

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On a Mac, if you are talking about blend modes within the Pattern Overlay Effect, Shift +/- doesn't work as it does with blend modes for Layers in the Layers Palette.

On a PC though, you can click on the blend mode drop down, choose normal then use the up/down arrow keys to cycle through for layers and blend modes within effects.

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yeah, I've found this as well. I guess it's just a weird oversight for Macs, then. –  zakgottlieb Sep 25 '13 at 22:02

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