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If I try to draw a grid in Inkscape, there are two different options:

  1. Extra -> Render -> Grid
  2. Extra -> Render -> Kartesian Grid

But both of them use pixel-metric(?).

Is it possible to use other metrics (e.g. millimeter).

As a workaround, I converted pixel->millimeter, but it didn't work. There is always an odd scale factor in the conversion :-(.

Do you have any solution?

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What Inkscape version are you using? I have Inkscape 0.48.4 r9939 (Jan 5 2014) and I don't find any "Extra" menu... However you're right, there's no option to set such metrics in those extensions. I would suggest to do your grid by hand... –  acidrums4 Feb 23 at 12:31
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