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When I do any kind of point editing with Inkscape, I will have an object (A) and delete one of the points hoping to get C, but instead I get B. I understand why this happens, it's so curves can be made more optimal, but very often I don't want my handle types to change. It is tedious enough making sure points are no-handles corners without Inkscape continually messing them up. Is there a different way I can remove anchor points that will retain the handles of its connected anchors?

Three squares labeled as A, B, and C. A is plain. B has had one of its points removed and is now rounded at that corner. C shows a right triangle, the expected result from deleting a point.

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File > Inkscape Preferences
Then go to Tools > Node
Under Editing Preferences uncheck "Deleting nodes preserves shape"

enter image description here

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Yesss. Thank you! – Wray Bowling Oct 1 '13 at 22:38

I just found this very extensive list of hotkeys.

Backspace or Del : delete selected node(s)

Ctrl+Backspace or Ctrl+Del : delete without preserving shape

Toggling the checkbox in eazimmerman's answer reverses these commands.

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