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The program for which I'm creating svg doesn't display text that I create in Inkscape where Inkscape saves the text as flowRoot.

When does Inkscape choose to use svg:flowRoot?

Is there a way to tell it to convert a field with svg:flowRoot into svg:text?

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According to the inkscape forum:

Flowed text is created

  • when dragging a frame with the text tool before entering the text.
  • when flowing text into a frame (menu 'Text > Flow into Frame')

To convert flowed text into regular text, save a copy of the file and use the menu command 'Text > Convert to text' in the copy (to be able to edit the flowed text later on in the original if needed

I have confirmed the convert to text works - just make sure you select the text and not a frame for example.

Note that some software, such as Apache's Batik SVG Toolkit, cannot render SVG with flowRoot elements. Consequently, any software that uses the Batik library (such as JasperReports) will also be unable to display the SVG file. The error message from Batik will include a short description about flowRoot being the cause of its inability to render the SVG file. Converting the text to text, as described above, should alleviate this issue.

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