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I'm a little new to illustrator. I designed a little logo in illustrator that comprises of several layers. Now because I have some of this layers interact with each other different using the blend mode, the image looks alright when I'm working on it in illustrator.

However saving it is a different story, my blending modes are lost and the image is altered.

If it helps I'm using the .SVG format

Much Appreciated.

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Why are you using svg??? –  Scott Oct 3 '13 at 14:59
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.svg does not support everything that Illustrator has to offer, unfortunately. It might be wise to actually save your files in the native *.ai format to retain everything you did, and export them as *.svg only if you really need to. And yes, that may mean that you lose some effects in the *.svg.

If you want the *.svg to show identically to the *.ai, you should try to apply Object > Epand appearance..., Object > Expand and Object > Flatten transparency to just about everything.

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