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Trying to identify the font used in the Backbone.js logo:

enter image description here

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Actually, according to an email received by Michael Nieling from Ocupop, Inc, the creator of the Backbone.js logo, the font used is Open Sans.

Here is a screenshot of the Email:

Email from creator of Backbone JS

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To be a bit more specific, it's the "Light" cut of Open Sans with reduced/negative tracking/letterspacing. –  fk_ Mar 13 at 14:35
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The font name is Core Humanist Sans Light and this is not a free font, and the letter "K" and "J" are special among other fonts. Navigate to see the Glyphs character for this font, here is the link.

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I think this is be a slight modification of Core Humanist Sans Light - that font is rounded while this has sharp corners. I can't see any non-rounded variant (Core Sans is completely different) and other details look to be exactly the same, so I'd guess this was either modified, or is a variant on Core Humanist Sans that hasn't yet been published. –  user568458 Oct 8 '13 at 11:28
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For a free font that matches, you could try Lato. (Also in Google Fonts.) As Bala says, the K and J are different.

lato and screenshot

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Font name is Graublau Sans light....its nor a free font..enter image description here

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I'm sorry, but: no. The upper bowl of the B is smaller in Graublau, the tail of the J is way different and even the K has different proportions. –  Bakabaka Oct 8 '13 at 14:51
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