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I have made a template in Illustrator CS5 as an .ait file. Now I am wondering if it is possible to couple a certain workspace (Drawing, Painting, Like Freehand, etc.) to this template such that that workspace is used when the template is opened.

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Illustrator workspaces are entirely independent of any document.

There is no function to tie a workspace to a particular document, template or otherwise.

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I don't believe you can do this but why don't you drop the .ait file in the template folder and when you go to create a new file click on the Templates button?

Reference: Illustrator / Files and templates

enter image description here

or open by clicking at the top and you can select New from Template (Shift+ Ctrl+N)

enter image description here

You also didnt specify what version you are using. If you are using CS6 you can create a Template Layer.

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