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I have no photoshop experience i am a developer i am trying to create a outline of a circle but it always looks pixelatted.

I have attached my attempt.

enter image description here

Can someone please help or point my to a good tutorial it driving me crazy, the example was me doing it with canvas take a screenshot and the using the wand to cut it out how can i create one with just photoshop


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Hi user1503606, welcome to GDSE and thanks for your question! It's unclear to me what you are trying to achieve, could you exlpain a bit more? Does the circle itself have to be transparent? – Vincent Oct 23 '13 at 8:40

You might want to try the ellipse tool:

ellipse tool in Ps toolbox

If you can't find it, it's probably hidden below the Rectangle tool. Press and hold the rectangle to have a series of other tools pop up.

  • Draw a circle in your file by dragging with the tool while holding Shift. This will most probably yield a coloured circle without an outline.
  • Seek out your Layers panel. If you can't find it, check Window > Layers or press f7 to make sure it's present.
  • In the layers palette, you'll see a layer named 'Shape 1'. Click it.
  • At the top of the layers panel, look for the 'Fill' precentage and set it to 0%:

setting the fill to zero precent

In this way, you tell Photoshop to hide the layer content while still retaining the Layer style we're going to add.

  • Now double-click on the 'Shape 1' layer in the layers panel, anywhere but on the layer's name or thumbnail to pop up the 'Layer Style' dialog box.
  • Click the word 'Stroke'. Don't just click the checkmark, click the word.
  • Set size, position and colour for your stroke and play away. Commit with 'OK'.

You can change the Shape layer's size and position, and the outline will persist.

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