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Monospaced fonts are used mainly for code editors and other special purposes and not usually for normal web pages, like an online newspaper for instance. I ponder however with the idea to do this and would like to know:

Can a monospaced font be used successfully to deliver information (not art work)? Or is the idea just 100% wrong?

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Here's an example I just came across, I think it's a monospace font: gb.mofcom.gov.cn it's in Chinese but after you let Chrome translate it, it becomes English in a monospace font. You decide whether it works or not.. I think the normal text is legible but when bold at a small size in headings and buttons it looks a bit hard to read. –  Dom Oct 27 '13 at 15:59

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Yeah why not? Monospace fonts originated from typewriters. Because typewriter letter blocks have a fixed width, it was necessary to make a font on a fixed grid.

Back in the days journalists used typewriters to write their blogs (haha. Anachronism there :)) it would be perfectly fine on a conceptual level.

But on a legibility level its a whole different subject. Monospace fonts are harder to read. They need extra care.

But why not give it a try.

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