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I am working in Autopano Giga 2.6 and have set a spit load of control points (CPs) in the images and when I go to render the panorama it only uses the old control points it set up automatically. How do I force it to use the new CPs I just set?

It tells me I need to optimize it again because the CPs have been changed, but all that will do it erase everything I just did and redo the CPs in the same, incorrect way. If I do the CPs, close out of the editor and hit render, it will only render with the old CPs and will not look at the new CPs. The CPs are still there, even after I render and open the editor they are still the ones I set, but the render ignores them. After days of 4+ hours setting the CPs and having them reset I am getting frustrated. I got a demo version at home, but it is the newer version and will render from inside the editor just fine. My problem is with using the 2.6 pro version, the one without the watermark that I need to use for work.

I am not sure if "Digital Media" is where I need to post this. I looked over on http://idmaa.org and they have no reference for Autopano. It is kind of a hybrid subject I guess...

Thanks for any insight!

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