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I would like to make a Photoshop and Illustrator plugin that can tell what commands and functions a user is executing and then store that information in a database or file.

Is this possible in the Photoshop and Illustrator scripting environments?

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I don't believe so. Scripting tells the application to do something, and does not control events outside the application environment (such as database input).

What you are seeking is something like a key logger or screen recorder.

Photoshop does offer a history log in its preferences.

It will spit out things like this, which still isn't what you are really asking for:

        2013-09-09 03:53:44 File Map.psd closed
2013-09-09 04:18:02 File Scan-130909-0003.tif opened
            Preset Kind: Custom
            Adjustment: levels adjustment list
            levels adjustment
            Channel: composite channel
            Input: 75, 255
2013-09-09 04:18:21 File Untitled-1 opened
2013-09-09 04:18:21 File Default Type Styles.psp opened
            New: document
            Mode: RGB color mode
            Width: 8.5 Inches
            Height: 11 Inches
            Resolution: 150 per inch
            Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1
            Fill: transparent
            Depth: 8
            Profile:  “Display”
        Select previous document
        Select next document
    Drag Layer
    Reveal All
    Convert to Smart Object
        Convert to Smart Object
    Free Transform
            Center: center
            Translate: 1.289 Inches, 1.527 Inches
            Width: 74.6%
            Height: 74.6%
            Angle: -8.7°
        Print Print Options of current document
            Printer Options
            With Color Management
            Intent: relative colorimetric
            Printer Name:  “Xerox Phaser 3250”
            Proof Setup
            Builtin: working CMYK
            Proof Setup
            Builtin: working CMYK
            Print Output Options
            Without Caption
            Without Calibration Bars
            Without Registration Marks
            Without Corner Crop Marks
            Without Center Crop Marks
            Without Labels
            Without Negative
            Without Emulsion Down
            Background Color: RGB color
            Red: 255
            Green: 255
            Blue: 255
            Border: 0 Inches
            Bleed: 0 Inches
            150 pixels
            With Include Vector Data
            Page Position: centered
            Left: -0.174 Inches
            Top: -0.174 Inches
            Print Scale: 100%
        Print One Copy
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