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I am creating a die with the effect of illustrator "3D Extrude & Bevel".
I have to rotate the die on each face, preserving the perspective view.
The range of each axis is from -180° to 180°.

I was able to find the angles only to these faces:
Dice face 1: X= +10° Y=+5° Z= -60° (shows 1 on top, 5 on left, 2 on right)
Dice face 4: X= -80° Y=+5° Z= -60° (shows 4 on top, 1 on left, 2 on right)
Dice face 5: X=+100° Y=+5° Z= -60° (shows 5 on top, 6 on left, 2 on right)
Dice face 6: X=-170° Y=+5° Z= -60° (shows 6 on top, 4 on left, 2 on right)

For these faces, as you can see, I added/subtracted 90° to the X axis but I can't find the correct value to add/subtract to the Y and Z axis to create the other two faces. It's a matrix rotation but I can't find correct Y and Z values.

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Your degrees don't seem to work well for me at all. Can you post a sample image? How are you determining which die face is showing? Did you simply map symbols to sides? if so.. are you certain you mapped them correctly? –  Scott Nov 4 '13 at 7:24

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