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I created a cucumber model model (my first model) in 3DS Max 14. I used object paint to paint the bumps on the cucumber and user proboolean to attach the bumps to the cucumber. i am working with the default international unit and the cucumber is about 4 in length (I want to work in a 1:1 scale with a game engine). After all the modifiers i flattened the model out and it is just an editable poly. when I start to paint it looks like this: cucumber 1

When i just move the paint brush over some weird areas (they are all highlighted), I get wierd painting all over the cucumber: enter image description here

What am I doing wrong? Is it the scale? Is it the object paint? Also can someone tell me a quick (auto) way to make the intersection areas of the bumps quad friendly?

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The problem was that I forgot to unwrap the UV's first to not overlap (UVW unrwapp modifier).

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