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I'm new to the Amazon Android App Store and I want to take an existing Google Play Android tablet app and submit it to the Amazon Kindle App store.

My current app has design elements sized for ldpi, hdpi & xhdpi (low, high and extra high definition) on the Google Play store. It is also sized for both 7 inch & 10 inch tablets.

What specific design requirements need to be considered and adhered to when re-purposing a design for the Amazon Kindle App Store?

Ideally a link to a list of what's required would help me, or an answer from someone's experience with this task.

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Presumably you've already looked to see if Amazon publish guidelines of their own? Other people have more app design experience than me, but it surprises me that you're designing for specific device sizes, given the variety of sizes of Android devices. I believe it's more common to create flexible designs with breakpoints, like how people do for responsive web and desktop apps. Even if the Amazon app store is tied to a restricted set of devices, it wouldn't be fun to need to produce a whole new layout each time a new device is released. –  user568458 Nov 14 '13 at 13:35

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