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I'm looking to solve a workflow issue; editing a selected layer's text without having to go back to the mouse each time. You can change the selected layer via keyboard shortcuts, so if you could also enter editing mode through the keyboard you could quickly shift through items to edit them.

Is there a keyboard shortcut (or alternative method) that can be used to quickly enter text editing mode of a selected text layer?

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Only shortcut I know of is:

  1. Select your text layer
  2. Press T
  3. Click on the text object you want to edit
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that's about it –  deecemobile Nov 21 '13 at 18:18

Double-click the thumbnail icon for the text layer. This will highlight the text for editing.

I think that's about as close to a shortcut as you'll get.

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I don't think that there is a shortcut to do this. You could possibly create a custom shortcut for it though. It definitely would be useful, as of now I just double click the text icon and hit Ctrl > Enter when I'm done to exit editing mode.

Good luck!

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I've discovered that the contextual menu for the Type tool has as the first item "Edit Type…", but I've no clue how to either invoke that menu via keyboard shortcuts or assign a keyboard shortcut to that menu item.

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