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I want to copy a layer 77 times. How can I do this quickly to avoid repetitive work?

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Manually copy the layer about 5 times. Then in the Layers pallet, multi-select your manually copied layers. Drag that stack of selected layers on to the "Create a New Layer" icon.

Boom! Now you have 10 duplicates and your original. Select the 11 layers and drag them on to the "Create a New Layer" icon.

Boom! now you have 22 duplicates. Do it again...

Boom! 33 duplicates. Again...

Boom! 44 dupes. And so on until you hit 77.

So, not completely automatic, but super fast once you figure it out.

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As per myknowledge there is no that kind of shortway in photoshop by giving count to duplicate layer. There are different ways to duplicate the layers. In that i prefer CTRL+J is the easiest way to duplicate the layer.

if i get this issue my i make some duplicates using CTRL+J and make a group. i will duplicate that group.Atlost i ungroup layers

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