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I'm having a weird behavior when trying to move a selected rectangle or polygon in a layer. I do the next:

1. Select layer.

select layer

I want to move the shine that belongs to the brillos y manchas layer:


2. Select rectangle or polygon.

select polygon

The selection is the small polygon.

3. Then I try to move the selection:

move selection

but it's not moved.

not moved

The first that came into my head is that the shine didn't belong to that layer, but it does. Any idea on what I am doing wrong?

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Your move tool is set to move the selection, not the area selected by.

You should:

  1. Transform your selection to a float selection using Select->Float

  2. In the move tool options choose to move Layer instead to Selection (by pressing the first icon near "Mover" in "Opciones de herramienta")

Now, it should be possible to move the shine.

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Thanks. I did it adding a new layer and doing copy and paste the selection from the old layer to the new one. Then I could merge both. But your answer is a faster way. – Manolo Dec 6 '13 at 15:12
Usually after the paste operation the selection is in float state (moveable). Btw, nice image. – Paolo Gibellini Dec 6 '13 at 17:15
Thanks for the answer. But are you serious? That is the most user-unfriendly way to implement this feature. I didn't think I would have to look this hard to figure out how to move a selection. – bluecollarcoder Jul 15 '15 at 19:16
@bluecollarcoder it could seem user-unfriendly, but is an effective way to avoid to move unintentionally a selection. Anyway, you can float a selection using the shortcut Shift+Ctrl+L and anchor it using Ctrl+H. – Paolo Gibellini Jul 16 '15 at 9:28

The "Move selection" in the Move tools is about moving the selection mask, not the selected pixels.

Right after you have made a selection, you can Alt-Ctrl-drag and this will make a floating selection automatically and start moving it. However, this is a cut/paste and not a copy/paste, so it will leave a "hole" in the source layer.

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