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I want to try and make a photomanipulation of a woman to look like a character from an anime (Konan from Naruto shippuden). For refference, see the photo.

I am quite capable of handling photoshop (on a hobby-level) but I don't know how to make the paper-effect without placing and manipulating every single piece of paper.

I tried this tutorial: but i couldn't sort out the 3d studio max bit.

To sum up, I'd like this kind of effect only using photoshop. Can anyone help me?

enter image description here

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You would need to place and manipulate every piece of paper. You already know the answer. Often the only or best solution is to put in the hours of work. – Scott Dec 5 '13 at 22:14
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You will probably have to do something similar to this tutorial here (mind you, it's in illustrator, not photoshop) that creates fish scales.

Other than that, I think Scott is right; you need to do every sheet by hand.

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