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I want to give a workflow presentation, to my boss at my office, I don't wanna do old ppt style preso, I was thinking (since I'm out of making ppt) for a long time, are there any cloud services or web 2.0 technologies that I can use to put my idea across more effectively and fast.

Earlier I worked in visio, but the style is not dynamic and user responsive like with other forms of presentations, and website you see on internet. I want my workflow to have dynamic feel to it. What are my options?


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Prezi is surely a great tool, it's simple to use and it's on-line. There was a similar tool, Ahead, but now the site seems not responding.

If you prefer something to be used offline, there are dynamic SVG generators like Sozi and Dizzy, which generate SVG pages and manage events for moving through your contents. I use sometimes Sozi and now (after the first tests) I find it quite simple to use.

There are alternatives whose output are html + javascript pages, like impress.js (interesting) and reveal.js (not tried).

share|improve this answer is a cloud based service for this type of thing. Good luck.

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