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I'm using Adobe Illustrator CC. How can I move a handle without pivoting it, so that I can change only the length of the handle, but not its angle?

I only found one way to do something similar, which is to drag the path between two anchors – but this moves the corresponding handles on both the anchors.

Is there a way to move (change the length of) just one handle without changing its angle?

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Illustrator does not provide anything beyond the Shift key. And what that really does is constrain the handle to 90° angles (or construction angles in the preferences) letting you lengthen it. If the handle is not at a 90° angle, there's nothing in Illustrator to allow you to retain the angle while lengthening it.

There are third parts plug ins which will shorten/lengthen Bezier handles without altering their length.

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Thanks, that's sad. Btw the Shift key constraints to 45° increments. The Constrain Angles setting in Preferences is not very useful (it seems odd, indeed). And the Construction Guides under Smart Guides is only helping with placement using smart guides, but doesn't do anything to Shift-move (which still snaps to 45° increments). – ADTC Dec 15 '13 at 3:48
1 (CS4 or newer) and (Mac pre-CS5) have plugins to do just what you want, but AI just doesn't have the ability inherently. – Scott Dec 15 '13 at 20:20

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