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Hey I'm trying to recreate this effect:

enter image description here

I know it could be easily done manually. I'm wondering if anyone has come across a tutorial or knows how to create this automatically with actions in photoshop?

I want to be able to highlight a certain amount of photos and be able to create something similar automatically.

If anyone knows anyway to accomplish this efficiently with any software. I'd really like to know.

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You're referring to what's known as the "packing problem." If you were to do this in Photoshop, you would need to use the scripting api. –  Alex Blackwood Dec 17 '13 at 4:04
As someone who writes Photoshop scripts a lot, I can tell you this would be very complex. That said, it would be an interesting challenge for me and I may have a solution (no promises, though) –  Adam Elsodaney Dec 18 '13 at 19:54
Will the number of images always be the same? This could be done with nested actions. –  Phlume Jan 14 at 16:05
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