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enter image description here

I remember drawing this tea bag with the pen tool. I then made some coloured rectangles around it, played around with the shape builder tool (if I recall correctly) to get the coloured shapes to stick around the tea bag. Then I accidentally removed the tea bag, and now I would really like to know how to easily re-create the tea bag.

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You can use the Shape Builder tool. Select all of the paths that make up the outline of your shape, then hover over the center of the negative space. The tool will highlight the area in a gridded pattern. Clicking will create a new shape.

enter image description here

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Put a black square under all of it, then Select All and Pathfinder > Divide. Your shape will be in the results.

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Pathfinder > Merge would also work and not split top objects. – Scott Dec 20 '13 at 9:55

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