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I am currently trying to add equations created with LaTeXiT straight to Adobe Illustrator CS6, but somehow the "font" changes. I've tried scrolling around the Internet to see if I could find out how to change this but without luck, is there anybody who knows how to fix this problem so I get my latex font into Illustrator?

I am working on a Mac.

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This has been technically asked before here: How do I edit PDF files produced by LaTeX in Illustrator? Fonts are not found; also a quick Google search resulted this: Combining LaTeX and Illustrator – Darth_Vader Dec 23 '13 at 22:34
You might want to look into getting the OpenType version of Latin Modern --- I believe that one can now typeset using it in (La)TeX which will then allow transparent editing. – WillAdams May 22 '14 at 15:55

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