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I want to create intersected curved line like this enter image description here

, I use Pen Tool but can not get the same as this , and searched a lot for already built through google , but all I got were curve lines not like this, any tutorial or any idea?

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There are a lot of ways of doing it but the first tool or idea that came into my mind is using the pen tool.

![First, you have to grab your pen tool and draw the one shape like this (apparently I suck with the pen tool as well so you might wanna tweak yours a bit more).Create a new layer then fill this with any color. Then add your gradient to it. Select your layer then duplicate, grab your marquee tool then right click>flip horizontal. Lastly, merge your duplicate and your first layer, and tweak it till you get your desired curves. You might wanna duplicate this again to make a DNA effect (duplicate>flip vertical). I hope this helps!1

enter image description here

3: enter image description here

4: enter image description here

5: enter image description here

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Thanks a lot . that was helpful. I'll try to repeat it –  rabar kareem Dec 29 '13 at 20:30

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