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I work with Sketchup quite often to make 3D graphics for use in AfterEffects, Photoshop, etc. and with the most recent update (sketcup 2013), I have noticed an extremely annoying bug/feature that in some cases has prevented me from doing work.

When I zoom in on my model, at a certain enlargement, parts of the model appear to be cut-away. Below is an example of this occurring in a model;

enter image description here

The darker grey area is the exterior of the model, and the light blue bits and the white bits are the inside of the model. In this automatic cut-away view, any viewable surface (inside or out) can be selected. This gets extremely annoying when I'm trying to do work that requires extreme detail, which is quite often.

Is there any way to disable this feature, or if its a bug, is there any workaround for it?


Photo of the rest of the model, as per request. It's still W.I.P.

enter image description here

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This might be better asked over on the software's help site. – OghmaOsiris Dec 30 '13 at 6:07
I do a bit of SketchUp work. Could you post another screenshot zoomed out a bit so I have a better idea what I'm looking at? My initial reaction is that you're on Parallel Projection and just need to switch to Perspective – Ryan Dec 30 '13 at 17:59
I'm in perspective, this still happens. I'll post an enlarged image, though, as soon as I can. – Ben Franchuk Dec 31 '13 at 9:16

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