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I have a graphics artist deliver a PSD file with a lot of images in one. Each layer is a PSB file. I need to cut rectangular images from the large list and save in PNG format.

Is there a way for me to cut a rectangle out of a very large photoshop file and save it without pasting contents into a new document?

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I used @Tianzhen Lin's solution and it's perfect. If I could upvote I would. I have a large scrolling screenshot for my app. In order to turn that large scroll into 5 iPhone-screen sized samples, I just selected the underlying screen image for each inside the larger scroll, one at a time, and Copy Merged. Then one at a time, I pasted each individual clipboard into a new PSD and BAM! all of the graphics that were contained within each selection box reappeared, appropriately sized for my screenshot to upload to iTunes. – Adocracy Dec 16 '15 at 0:14
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The best way of doing this is by using the crop tool (you can also use the rectangular marquee tool>image>crop) then save your image as PNG. Then if you wanna cut the rest of the images, then you're just gonna have to go to your history panel and undo the cropping (this will not undo the saved PNG file) then do the same thing as what you did with the first one. I hope this is what you're trying to achieve!

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Use the Slice tool, and save the images as slices.

Photoshop / Slicing web pages

Basically you slice all the small images, then you can save all of them with one command.

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Besides Cropping and Undo'ing, I have found the following steps are less error-prone:

  1. Adjust the layers you need
  2. Make a marquee selection
  3. Ensure a visible layer is being selected, use Edit -> Copy Merged (Shortcut, Cmd-SHIFT-C, or CTRL-Shift-C)
  4. Create a new document (Cmd-N or Ctrl-N), Photoshop will automatically set the document to the size of the selection
  5. Paste the image
  6. Perform a Save for Web (Cmd-Option-Shift-S or CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-S)

I use the above steps a lot over the past number of years as it involves shortcut keys, hence they speed the workflow up and offer the convenience of speed and precision. I know creating a new doc may not be what you wanted, but the approach may actually end up saving you some time.

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Thanks for this tip. In combination with saving selections as alpha channels, this lets you save any number of different crops that you can re-use at any time. – Josh Diehl Mar 22 '15 at 20:31

All i have to do is clicking on the layer and press F12 ;)

You will ask how is that possible. Actions friend.. Here is a nice article on that.

Best of luck !

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You made my day !! Thank you ! – BSQ Dec 19 '15 at 18:23

I suggest combining Muhammed Aslam C's answer with Tianzhen Lin's...

So use the Action recording to do what Tianzhen Lin describes with the "dialogue on/off" switch on for the save stage.

Saved me a lot of time!

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