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This the thing i want to make enter image description here

it was made using maya but trying too make same in Lightwave 3D i am facing problem. This is what i get when trying same in Lightwaveenter image description here

I am trying extrude the side same as in the figure but when trying in Lightwave the height of the side decreases that is the wing get's thinner but the width don't. I also tried multishift in Lightwave but the still the height decreases too much as compared to width can anybody help me.

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After extruding your polygon, you can try pressing H (with Ctrl clicked in order to stay straight) Or maybe with Taper then :D

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Do a simple Bevel. Done. :)

But, if you really want to get to know your Multishift tool.... Set the Inset dropdown to "Regular Scale".


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If you expanded this answer with a bit more explanation as to why you're making that recommendation, it would be a great deal more useful for others who might come across it in the future. (And you'd avoid downvotes.) –  Alan Gilbertson Apr 10 '14 at 5:12

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