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I created my resume in Photoshop and now when I save it as a pdf part of the color fill in my Name is getting lostenter image description here

See the second f in Chudacoff is missing the brown color in the top right. I saved by using Automate, PDF presentation (to include my Cover Letter, and references all on one document when applying for jobs) and told it to "Do not downsample" in compression options. Why is the f not filling in correctly? I took off the drop shadow and inner glow and still the problem persists. Is it a problem with the font monotype corsiva?

Please Help!

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Is the text in front of or behind that bunch of (leaves?) on the right? What if you move the text in front of those? I suspect the mask on that side is overlapping the text causing the issue. –  Scott Jan 10 at 17:55

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